About Autism

The following resources were acquired and compiled through collaborative projects. We are grateful for the opportunity to utilize these resources in our workshops. A heartfelt thank you to our colleagues and collaborators for creating and sharing such valuable materials. Their work emphasizes the importance of sharing knowledge. We will update this section as we discover or create new resources.

What is Autism?

Free e-learning modules about autism

I had the pleasure working with Dr. Ammar Albanna, during an international research seminar. He is one of the initiators of the Blue Café: a community where families can connect and access resources on autism.

Check out these Knowledge Building Series about autism. The Blue Café also organizes regular virtual events.

Dr. Ammar Albanna is the director of Al Amal Psychiatric Hospital in Dubai, and Vice President of IACAPAP.

Autism information_positivepartnerships Australia_English and Arabic
Information sheets and video’s

What is autism? What are the facts, and what are the myths? These informative sheets provide answers.

The Positive Partnerships Project is an Australian initiative offering information including videos on parental perspectives and experiences.

Information in Arabic, English and many other languages.

Autism Speaks Toolkits Autism Arabic
Toolkits for families and professionals

We enjoyed the opportunity to join forces with Autism Speaks on the study examining caregivers needs and experiences in Morocco. Autism Speaks is a non-profit autism awareness organization. On their website, they offer many valuable resources for families and teachers. One of their toolkits is called the 100 Days Kit, helping parents to make the best possible use of the 100 days following the diagnosis.

Other toolkits provided offer assistance with challenges such as Sleeping or Eating problems, Transitions, Adolescence, Medical issues, etc.

Information in Arabic, English, French and several other languages.

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