Storytelling and storybook reading

Storytelling and storybook reading are incredibly powerful and enjoyable activities that significantly enhance language and communication skills, along with many other abilities. Engaging children in storytelling, exploring pictures together, and talking about the narrative fosters attention, imagination, empathy, reasoning, and early literacy development.

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Did you know that reading stories to infants can already have a profound impact on their growth? Storytelling and book reading are suitable for children of all ages and functional levels. However, reading to children with special needs might require some adjustments to ensure the experience is both enjoyable and beneficial.

Elearning Storytime in the inclusive or special needs classroom for children with neurodevelopmental disorders
E-learning for educators

For educators, we’ve developed an e-learning course aimed at mastering the art of storytelling in inclusive classrooms, particularly designed for children with special needs. This course provides effective strategies and practical tips to make storytelling appealing to children across all ages and abilities. It also covers how to incorporate storytelling into lesson plans and implement theme-based learning, complete with downloadable materials for classroom use.

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Free online Storybook resources list

Access to a diverse collection of children’s storybooks can be limited in some regions, especially books in local languages or a child’s mother tongue. To address this, we’ve compiled a selection of storybooks available online for free. Our selection includes numerous wordless books, ideal for telling stories in any language—preferably in the child’s mother tongue—and tailoring the storybook’s language to meet the child’s communication needs. We hope these resources will inspire both parents and teachers.

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Information for parents

For parents, there are great informative sheets on reading to children of all ages, available in English, Arabic, and several other languages.

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