Language and communication

Many children with neurodevelopmental conditions have language or communicational difficulties. How can we help? Here, we share information and resources that we have generated or gathered throughout our projects.

Explore our collection of practical ideas, tools and resources.

Impact of storytelling Association Nour
information for caregivers and teachers

Enhance language and communication skills in children by reading storybooks and telling stories. Resources for parents and teachers.

Elearning Storytime in the inclusive or special needs classroom for children with neurodevelopmental disorders
Storytime in the classroom for educators

This course provides strategies and practical tips for storytelling and theme-based learning in the inclusive classroom.

Collection of Online Storybooks Association Nour
Explore these free online resources

Explore these easy and short stories. There are online books in different languages, with few words and wordless books, ideal for telling stories in the child’s mother tongue.

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